Using Passengers’ Phones to Inspect the Track

Using Passengers’ Phones to Inspect the Track

Staff at the University of Birmingham has created a phone app that for passengers to measure and record the comfort of the journey.

Research at the University of Birmingham has indicated that passengers’ will be able to download an app that will use their phone’s own sensors to record the bumps, vibrations and jerks along the ride. Feeding this information back into the rail company.








This innovation capitalises on the tech that each passenger carries with them on a journey, potentially adding creating hundreds of sensors on each train. Rail companies can then use this information and geolocate where rail quality needs to be addressed through maintenance activities.

The announcement was made following the publication of a paper by Adam Azzoug and Sakdirat Kaewunruen: RideComfort: A Development of Crowdsourcing Smartphones in Measuring Train Ride in Frontiers in Built Environment.

This is just the type of innovation that we want to see, combining benefits to passenger experience and reducing cost of running the railway. We congratulate Adam and Sakdirat for using tech that is already in common use to solve a problem that passengers notice on each journey. People already use phone apps to measure their sleep patterns so its great to see the railway think of how this functionality can be exploited to improve the journey too.