The Rail Innovation Group is an independent not-for-profit community with a mission to promote the adoption of new ideas & tech for the benefit of the passenger & their journey experience. We invite all those who are committed to our mission to become a Member of the Group. As our profile has grown & we have nurtured our links with stakeholders around the sector, Membership of the Group is an excellent way to benefit from our network.

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“Being part of Rail Innovation Group has helped accelerate our work within the rail industry & we are delighted to be part of such a dynamic & exciting group.”

Emily Kent, Founder, One Big Circle

“The Rail Innovation Group offers a fun, friendly network of like-minded companies & professionals. Since joining as a Founding Member it’s been amazing for our company, supporting us to expand & find new opportunities within & outside the railway.”

Ben Craze, CEO & Co-Founder, Infinitive Group

To input into the aim of the Group, each of our Members & Partners is invited to give their definition of innovation which we draw upon to assess future products, services & cultures.

"RIA's Technical and Innovation work has recently focused on the theme of 'M.A.D.E in Britain', where M.A.D.E stands for Materials, Automation, Data and Energy - the key areas where UK rail could develop a competitive advantage through innovation."




"Young Rail Professionals (YRP) was founded to promote, inspire and develop the next generation of railway talent so our innovation is drawn from bringing groups of young professionals together. This collaboration will ensure that future leaders understand that innovation sometimes requires a break with tradition and an open mind to new concepts and approaches to old problems."


"True innovation solves a problem and offers a simpler way of doing things. Innovation can be fun too, making a boring task more engaging, offering a different, more efficient approach to something we’ve got used to doing. Innovation is questioning the status quo and coming up with a solution that makes life easier."


"Having the courage to drive change"


“Innovation does not need to be a product, it is the introduction of new ways of thinking within a traditionally process-driven industry.”


"True innovation is often suppressed through bureaucracy, red tape and the lack of support or general infrastructure. Innovation should be inclusive, an idea no matter how big or small that has the potential to change tomorrow for the better should be explored to establish the possibility of getting an idea off the ground and realised.”


“Innovation is turning a great idea into a solution that adds value from a business’s perspective"


Ethos Farm

“Innovation is the continuous production of new ideas & concepts that add enhanced value to a process, product or service.”

RASIC logo.png

“Innovation is the application of a novel system, process or technology into a specific product, sector or industry.”


“Innovation is the act of developing a new solution for existing processes or new challenges facing a market or industry. Innovation is at its greatest when the solution uses technology to gain efficiencies in time and energy, reduces costs and improves the user experience.”


“Innovation is finding new and better ways to operate, that could be simple as improving one process or radically changing an entire industry. We firmly believe that innovation thrives in organisations that cultivate diversity & openness.”


“Innovation is turning an idea into a solution that delivers on a need. To be successful in business today you need to adopt innovation as your core strategy.”


"Our purpose is that we create better outcomes. Innovation is at the forefront of our approach with customers."


“Innovation isn’t just a service to offer, it’s ingrained within our business values. When we analyse a problem, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile. Our team have developed an “Is there a better way” model where we assess our outputs & ask the question - Is there a better way?”


"Innovation isn’t always radical change. It can just be a simple solution to a complex problem, driving efficiency and making our lives easier."


"Innovation is about being smart without just trying to be clever. It's about taking time to understand the problems that really need solving, & then finding the best way to build a solution. An innovative solution can be built on and with systems & technology already available in place - it's not just about the shiny and new and it has to work in the real world."


"To look at what is already being done... strip it back and look at the bigger picture of the goal to be achieved - and reconstruct using ideas, creative thoughts and imagination."


"Innovation is driven by a restless search for solutions to problems, combining the skilful application of experience and an ability to look at the world with fresh eyes to create something new and valuable."


"Innovation is to exploit the latest tech to make life easier. For us, it's wearable technologies. We are continual think about what information people need and how we can get it to them in the most convenient way"

"Rethinking & reframing the problem space is a fundamental lens needed within the business world to get closer to end users & co-create physical & digital products, services & experiences. The process of using design thinking tools & methods takes users, teams & organisations on a co-creative journey. This brings innovation, helps organisations deal with change & meet rapidly changing future business needs."


"JNCTION believes innovation is creating a new product or service in order to maximise service efficiency and bring a benefit to an intended audience. This starts from initial planning all the way to product support."

"Innovation is taking an idea and turning it into a solution that benefits both customers and businesses."

"Innovation is about working with a mindset of being bold & creative. It is about proactively challenging conventional thinking & pushing the boundaries of what is normal to create a competitive advantage. We like to encourage our clients to start with a blank sheet of paper, avoid the status quo, embrace change & allow for the emergence of new ideas that are forward-thinking, ambitious and achievable."


"Innovation is taking a problem and approaching it with new technologies and solutions. The most innovative outcomes are those that can bring about broad benefits for the local community and businesses. For those of us working to improve the environment and reduce the impact of pollution, the challenge we are seeking to address is how to enable businesses to grow and innovate sustainably without adverse disruption."


"Innovation is about using ideas to create money. This is not the same as using money to create ideas."


"Looking at new innovations to drive a modular shift from road to rail."

Telios Logo.png

"Our inspiration for innovation comes from Arthur C. Clarke: The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible."


"Innovation is the art of of taking your knowledge in one sector and applying it in another sector to make a process or technology better and more effective"


"Innovation is developing ‘step change’ solutions to meaningful problems by applying creativity, teamwork and perseverance"

JPL Logo.png

"Product Innovation is the process of transforming an idea or invention into a successful commodity in its target market. Business Innovation is taking a new idea and using it to embed real change."


"To increase the passenger experience using technology seamlessly without exposing the challenges in today’s travelling society"


"We are leading the way in solutions for public transport."


"Innovation means creating a key enabling technology that benefits the rail industry and passengers."


"We're providing our customers with the data they need to support travellers throughout their journeys. Creating a data marketplace to surface the most relevant details when the traveller needs it. Our vision of innovation is to treat people as individuals and enable systems that cater to their own individual needs in the medium that they choose."


"Products and services that solve real world issues, that are easily adopted and can scale to make a real deference."


"Innovation can mean using something simple in a very smart way - in the Green Furniture case, using wood and bending it to nice and soft shapes that make passenger happy."


"Innovation is the act of removing your thinking of any past practises, and finding solutions using new practises."

Luke Bodin, Business Adapts

"Something that is useful to the common person and makes a positive difference in their lives."

Prasad Bhave, WSP

"Innovation is a willingness to risk an unproven approach to improving a proposition or solving a problem"

Richard Rowson, f17

"Creating new technology to solve the world’s problems in a cost effective way."

Peter Mildon, Vivacity Labs

"The process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will pay for."

Ananya Allan, HS2

"Putting new ideas to work using deep knowledge of the existing system (whether as a user or an operator) & how it could be better"

Jenny Cooke, Network Rail

"Innovation is using new perspectives to solve old problems"

Tim Whitcher, WSP

"Innovation is having a future state of mind; constantly creating ideas and evolving these into reality."                                                WiFi Spark

  • Do you want to help new entrants diversify the rail supply chain?
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