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The Rail Innovation Group supports the development of new suppliers, skills & knowledge: A key part of this is to facilitate the building of new networks. Our regular Meet Ups, in key city centre locations, bring our community together to hear from thought leaders, innovators & learn about best practice in our field.

"I've really enjoyed it, I think it's been really insightful in terms of the conversations we've had tonight ... this is probably the best catalyst I've seen for encouraging innovation & culture ​change within the rail industry"

Mat Garner, Co-Founder, Ethos Farm

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“We chose to engage with the Group because we saw the representation of the membership and thought it was a brilliant forum for us to get involved with to meet, collaborate with, and hopefully learn some new things from, this side of the rail industry. Since joining we've found the member calls, especially, have given us the opportunity to promote our own innovations and the social media publicity and exposure is invaluable.”

Mike Butler, Head of Innovation, Nomad Digital

About Our Events

Why should my staff become involved with the Group?

As part of their professional development, the Rail Innovation Group will expose younger rail professional to the strategic challenge that rail faces. All attendees become part of the Knowledge Base, so not only do they contribute to the development of the industry, they are immediately enriched with pieces of information of what is happening in the industry, the drivers for change, the key actors and a network of people who are able to support their work.

I’m a start up and want to supply to rail, why should I attend your events?

We are keen to smooth the way for new products and services into rail. As a start up, we’d encourage you to come and make a personal contact with professionals in the rail industry who can provide advice, introductions and share their experience in navigating through the rail supply chain.

I already supply to the rail industry, why do I need to bother with the Rail Innovation Group?

We’d obviously love to hear your experience and what you’ve learnt along the way. In return, you’ll be exposed to smaller suppliers who may be able to complement your offer or we can help raise any obstacles you encounter. You might also learn about new opportunities in rail that you didn’t know about.

You ask members to contribute to the Knowledge Base, isn’t that just giving away all our networking secrets?

We understand that there are many commercial interests at work in this process, attending our events means you are empowered to share as much as you feel comfortable with; however, we want to provide a useful database of contacts, tips, suppliers and decision makers. As a member, you’d have access to the Knowledge Base so you will gain from the wider network. We also believe that sharing knowledge increases the value on information. This is the new sharing economy, richer, collaborative data has more value than stand alone information.

Previous Events


We've had loads of events since we formed our community in 2016, online, offline, big groups, little groups...

Munch & Discuss:

Strengthening Our Network

Online - 30th September 2020

Munch & Learn:

Where Should We Invest in Innovation?

Online - 8th July 2020

micro meet:

Where should we invest in Innovation?

London - 15th September 2020

Munch & Learn:

Watching Rail's Brand​


Online - 17th June 2020 - with Brandwatch

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